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2006) Life cycle of Oligacanthorhynchus tortuosa (Oligacanthorhynchidae), an acanthocephalan of the Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana).
Although no record exists of him visiting Reelfoot Lake, Van Cleave described a new species of acanthocephalan (Table 2) from the intestine of a Lake dwelling smallmouth buffalo.
The tick, all adult mites, and all helminths, including the acanthocephalan are in the invertebrate collection at Texas State University.
Hence, the fact that acanthocephalan infections in southeastern Gulf plaice were much heavier than those found in plaice from the northwestern Magdalen Shoals may, to some extent, reflect the relative warmth of waters occupied in eastern 4T.
California Spauligodon gigantricus California Strongyluris similis* California Urosaurus nigricaudus Strongyluris similis* Baja California Sur Thubunaea iguanae Baja California Sur acanthocephalan Baja California Sur cystacanths Urosaurus ornatus Mesocestoides sp.
Trematodes, cestodes and acanthocephalans were regressively stained in hematoxylin and studied as whole-mounts in Canada balsam.
00 (1) Acanthocephalans Macrocanthorhynchus ingens (n = 39) 11/19 (58%) 3.
The acanthocephalan was collected on 11 December 1996, preserved in AFA, stained in borax-carmine, dehydrated, cleared in xylene, and mounted in Canada balsam.
USNM 83366), Parathelandros texanus (USNM 83367), Pharyngodon warneri (USNM 83368), acanthocephalan cystacanths (USNM 83365).