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(invertebrate zoology)
A branch of zoology dealing with the mites and ticks.



the branch of zoology that studies mites.

Acarology is a subdivision of arachnology—the study of arachnids, which include mites. Mites are characterized by their abundance (more than 10,000 species), wide distribution, and great importance in nature and the life of man. Acarology is subdivided into general branches that study mites from a broad zoological point of view—comparative anatomy, embryology, physiology, ecology, zoogeography, phylogeny, and classification—and into specialized and applied branches—medical, veterinary, and agricultural acarology. The latter branches border on medicine, veterinary medicine, and agriculture. They provide the scientific basis for protection against harmful mites and utilization of helpful ones; these branches of acarology have made great progress.


Baker, E. W., and Wharton, G. W. Vvedenie v akarologiiu Moscow, 1955. (Translated from English.)


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