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Weston, who had been a widower so long, and who seemed so perfectly comfortable without a wife, so constantly occupied either in his business in town or among his friends here, always acceptable wherever he went, always cheerful Mr.
You may guess, after all these expenses, how very far we must be from being rich, and how acceptable Mrs.
She acceded to the suggestion of bouillon, which was grateful and acceptable. He went himself to the kitchen, which was a building apart from the cottages and lying to the rear of the house.
They could not even be certain, that a future nomination would present a candidate in any degree more acceptable to them; and as their dissent might cast a kind of stigma upon the individual rejected, and might have the appearance of a reflection upon the judgment of the chief magistrate, it is not likely that their sanction would often be refused, where there were not special and strong reasons for the refusal.
Some were cleverly killed and, prepared in a certain way, made very acceptable water-game.
Again the withered hag poured forth the monotonous words of a prayer that was not meant to be acceptable in heaven; and soon, in the pauses of her breath, strange murmurings began to thicken, gradually increasing so as to drown and overpower the charm by which they grew.
Numbers of horses were grazing in the neighborhood of the camp, or straying at large in the prairie; a sight most acceptable to the hunters.
She was a clever young woman, who understood the art of pleasing--the art of pleasing, at least, at Kellynch Hall; and who had made herself so acceptable to Miss Elliot, as to have been already staying there more than once, in spite of all that Lady Russell, who thought it a friendship quite out of place, could hint of caution and reserve.
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From the beginning of the monitoring until now, the reported values of fine particulate matter (PM10) are 19.5 A[micro]g/m3 with an alarm threshold of 50 A[micro]g/m3, for sulfur dioxide a 4 A[micro]g/m3 (acceptable 350 A[micro]g/m3), for nitrogen dioxide a 11.5 A[micro]g/m3 (acceptable 200 A[micro]g/m3), and for carbon monoxide a 0.3 mg/m3 (acceptable 10 mg/m3 for 8 hours).The fire started early yesterday morning at the regional landfill for a non-hazardous waste of the municipalities of Karlovo and Hissarya.
BRITAIN'S accounting watchdog has slammed major firms over substandard audits, with a quarter judged to be below the acceptable standard.