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Plus, it covers an access hole, possibly allowing you to skip adding an access panel (as shown on p.
After the pipe has been cleaned satisfactorily and the lining rig has been properly prepared, the lining hoses are inserted into the main and drawn to the furthest access hole.
The top of the rack has multiple cable access ports and a large cable access hole in the bottom.
On the surface, it seemed the only solution would be to dig an access hole and scud a man down 36 feet to conduct a spot repair.
Otherwise, a sharp keyhole saw ($8; Photo 2) will work for cutting the hole for the new switch as well as the access hole in the back of the cabinet.
Cut out an access hole from stud to stud, a few inches wider than a 2x4, making sure to remove all the damaged drywall (Photo 2).
I mean, we all know how hazardous it is to drag storage planks up through the attic access hole to set things on.
Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced its latest Webcast, "What You Need to Know to Close the Remote Access Hole in Your Network Security.
If you're unsuccessful, replace the overflow plate and stopper mechanism, remove the P-trap through the access hole, and run the snake on down the drain from there.
Transformers with a rating of 150 KVA or above shall have an access hole located in the top of the oil filled compartment, centered laterally and 6 inches behind the bushing-mounting surface.
75, for example, it's easiest to pull the cable in two steps: First pull all the cable you'll need up to the second floor through the access hole.
2 Cut an access hole in the wall with a drywall saw to remove the old track and install a new one.