accidental air

entrapped air, accidental air

Voids in concrete, usually 1 mm or more in diameter, resulting from air not purposely entrained.
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Summary: The Palestinian issue and America's accidental air strike in Deir Al Zour were the two topics that dominated the headlines in the region's newspapers
Specifically, the facility did not take sufficient measures to prevent accidental air releases of hazardous substances which include the inspection, testing and preventive maintenance of flammable gas and flame detectors, firefighting equipment, and oil storage tanks as well as pressure vessels and associated piping systems.
We are well aware of the usual complications of external vascular accesses--namely infection, bacteremia, thrombosis (clotting), flow problems (placement), accidental dislodging or cutting, kinking, central venous stenosis, and accidental air emboli, to name a few.
ISLAMABAD - The coalition forces in Afghanistan hit a Pakistani border checkpost in the North Waziristan tribal area Monday, in an accidental air strike, killing one paramilitary man and injuring two others, Defense Ministry officials said.
The first of these services will be developed through the OSIRIS project, with a budget of 11 million, which is focused on developing a crisis management system for environmental situations such as accidental air pollution in urban areas, and forest fires.
But also, who could be better at participating in a plan to protect grammar school children from a dangerous accidental air emission than the school nurse; who better to develop a plan for decontaminating patients with chemical burns than an emergency room nurse; and who better to be involved in developing an effective warning system and evacuation plan for the community residents than a community/public health nurse?
Crowds have been on the streets of cities around China since the accidental air strike on Friday night.