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The mass accommodation coefficient used represents stainless steel is [gamma] = 3.
The mass accommodation coefficient for d-limonene on stainless steel is [gamma] = 2.
1] is the grid height at the wall, [gamma] is the mass accommodation coefficient, (v) is the Boltzmann velocity and C([DELTA][y.
Adsorption of ozone occurred with a mass accommodation coefficient of [gamma] = 2 x [10.
A flat-plate test chamber was first used to obtain mass accommodation coefficients (reaction probability) for ozone when it is adsorbed by different materials from which appropriate boundary conditions for CFD can be developed.
Slip] is an accommodation coefficient taken to be 1.
In calculations activity and accommodation coefficients were assumed equal 1.
Second, we will relate the resulting accommodation coefficients to the degree of central bank independence.
Secondly, the resulting accommodation coefficients have been related to the degree of central bank independence.