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see accessoryaccessory,
in criminal law, a person who, though not present at the commission of a crime, becomes a participator in the crime either before or after the fact of commission. An accessory before the fact is one whose counsel or instigation leads another to commit a crime.
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References in classic literature ?
Oh, I am not afraid of you or your accomplice," she answered spiritedly.
She could not have committed the crime single-handed, but the reasons against that did not debar her from being an accomplice.
I wonder if they've really got an accomplice in the house?
The whole thing was arranged with their accomplice inside.
I'll follow her," he said, hurriedly; "she must be an accomplice, and will lead me to him.
A THIEF who had brought a suit against his accomplices to recover his share of the plunder taken from an Honest Man, demanded the Honest Man's attendance at the trial to testify to his loss.
If we remain silent we make ourselves Lady Winwood's accomplices.
We are supposed to be the accomplices of mad Anne Catherick, who claims the name, the place, and the living personality of dead Lady Glyde.
Financing led by Accomplice Venture Capital, Wing Venture Capital, and Co-founder Cheng Wu
The court heard that the 26-yearold along with an accomplice, targeted farms in the Great Ayton area in April this year.
According to prosecution records, two of the accused grabbed the Emirati student so their accomplice could press his body against the teenager and allegedly kiss him on his neck.
She then allowed her Emirati accomplice to enter the house through a side door.