account number

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account number

The number assigned to an employee, customer, vendor or product for identification. Although it may contain only numeric digits, account numbers are often defined and stored as a character field, also known as a "string" or "alphanumeric field," so that parts of the number can be searched independently.

For example, if the first two digits in a customer number were a state code, and the next three were the city code, state and city could be easily searched. Take the case of searching for state code "44" and city code "111" on a 14-digit account number defined as the following three subfields:

SubfieldPositions in Field

   State Code    1-2
   City Code     3-5
   Customer #    6-14

If the field were defined as characters (a string), the query would be LOOK FOR "44111" IN CHARACTERS 1-5. If the field were defined as a numeric field, the entire number has to be taken into consideration, making it awkward. The query would have to be GREATER THAN 44110999999999 AND LESS THAN 44112000000000. See string.
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Elimination of delays in credit transfers originating from IBAN compliant countries to Pakistan as same are delayed, sometimes for several days due to manual intervention required for sending credit transfers to non IBAN compliant account numbers.
As part of the Application for a Social Security Number filed by STEWART, he falsely indicated that he had never applied for or had a social security account number.
Money also can be wired to 445 FLTS Memorial Fund, ABA number 322270770, account number 74533.
A DHL customer with an Import Express account number requests a shipment from their supplier via DHL Import Express Online.
A UPIC (Universal Payment Identification Code) is a unique identifier that masks the actual bank account numbers of corporate payees when electronic payments take place.
TUKAYEVA pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of visa fraud and social security account number fraud.
All the retailer needs is your account number and permission to make the withdrawal.
The call can then be used to harvest additional details such as security PIN, expiration date, date of birth, bank account number, etc
Someone other than a postal employee may take it and then have valuable information about you * Never allow anyone to put your store account number on a check used to make a purchase
Never give your credit cord or checking account number to anyone who calls on the telephone or sends you o postcard.
We closed that account, but seven months later, someone continued to use forged checks with our name and old account number.
Discover ranked first in the industry on several counts and was recognized as one of only three companies offering the additional protection of a single-use account number program - Discover Card's Secure Online Account numbers - for online purchases.