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A former accounting machine operator of the Department of Health (DOH) has been convicted and sentenced to up to 10 years imprisonment for forging the loan applications of three members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Office of the Ombudsman said yesterday.
Mrs Holroyd is a former accounting machine operator and has two sons and four grandchildren.
Commodity: Component parts of the Burroughs Typing Sensimatic accounting machine, first to be airshipped to Italy.
and then I had three months to learn the complicated Burroughs accounting machine which printed out the daily transactions.
For example, in the mid-1890s, Leicester Allen developed what was called "Allen's double entry accounting machine.
I STARTED work at the HP Sauce factory in 1949 and trained as an accounting machine operator.
Charles Kettering invents an accounting machine for the Notional Cash Register Co.
She trained as an accounting machine operator and dealt with wages and accounts for 12 years.
407 Accounting Machine, which is what most school districts use, and a card sorter, the records were submitted for analysis.
This involved managing a group of 20 tough ladies who pounded out reams of paper on an accounting machine.
I worked somewhere else and ended up getting made redundant by an accounting machine.