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culture changes resulting from contact among various societies over time. Contact may have distinct results, such as the borrowing of certain traits by one cultureculture,
in anthropology, the integrated system of socially acquired values, beliefs, and rules of conduct which delimit the range of accepted behaviors in any given society. Cultural differences distinguish societies from one another.
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 from another, or the relative fusion of separate cultures. Early studies of acculturation reacted against the predominant trend of trying to reconstruct cultures of presumably isolated societies. Such work was faulted for implying that various cultural groups enjoyed an unchanging, precontact period. In this view, the anthropologist's job seemed quite simple, since each culture could be perceived as a unitary whole. Interactions with other peoples have, in fact, always been a significant feature of social life. Early studies of contact called attention to resulting social and individual psychological disturbances. Studies today often call attention to the development of one complex world system, in which some societies dominate others economically, politically, and socially. Many cultural theorists also observe the ways in which cultural groups resist domination, often working against acculturation in the process. Syncretism occurs when a subordinate group molds elements of a dominant culture to fit its own traditions. Acculturation differs from assimilation, in which different ethnic groups combine to form a new culture.


  1. (especially in CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY) a process in which contacts between different cultural groups lead to the acquisition of new cultural patterns by one, or perhaps both groups, with the adoption of all or parts of the other's culture.
  2. any transmission of culture between groups, including transfer between generations (although in this instance the terms ENCULTURATION and SOCIALIZATION are more usual).



the process of mutual influence of cultures; the total or partial acceptance by one people of the culture of another, usually more developed, people.

The term acculturation first received scholarly usage in the USA in the 1930’s in connection with a study of the contemporary culture of the American Indians. Later, American ethnographers also studied the acculturation of the peoples of Asia, Africa, and Oceania, using the term to conceal the enforced assimilation of oppressed peoples.

After the war the problem of acculturation occupied a prominent position in the works of scholars in India and Latin America—that is, in countries where national consolidation involved a population made up of groups with diverse origins and various levels of cultural and historical development.

The study of the processes of acculturation demands a historical approach to the culture of the peoples being studied. In Soviet literature the term acculturation has not been given an independent meaning, but the processes it designates have been successfully studied by Soviet ethnographers as processes of assimilation and rapprochement of peoples.


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Furthermore, the cultural grounding of the intervention calls for a focus on cultural characteristics of the context--hence this study's examination of school composition, defined in terms of proportion of Latino students and proportion of less linguistically acculturated students.
25) However, because of gaps in language and culture, the advantages of parental communication may not be available to highly acculturated adolescents whose parents are immigrants.
Inquirers, as the most acculturated segment, assume a patient, calculated approach in their shopping.
Chapter 3 argues that eunuchs were acculturated into Byzantine society and that "by the tenth century the gendered status of eunuchs had improved and been normalized in society" (p.
Editorial "will explore th unique challenges encountered by marketers and media serving the Hispanic/Latino population" and will cover such topics as: the differences between Spanish-dominant and Spanish-English households; the differences between recent immigrants and more acculturated Hispanic Americana; the variety inherent in Latinos from different countries; and, understanding the differences among the largest Hispanic/Latino markets.
Other more acculturated groups may be well integrated into American society, speak English very well and may be accessed in a variety of places including more Americanized as well as traditional and less traditional sites.
Ultimately, we'ze black, even though the majority of our asses don't want to believe it, since we've been acculturated into ideas of racism and colorism.
Yes, Japan's people have been acculturated to be more risk-averse than Americans.
Rather than reject the onslaught of commercial media and technology, Pop artists discovered in them "source(s] of iconic energy"-and so their work was "instantly acculturated and coopted by the mass media upon which it preyed.
By 1920 the serene, comfortable community of the acculturated Anglo-Jewish community had all but disappeared, replaced by the seething, noisy, chaotic Yiddish world of the Eastern European newcomers.