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Law a formal charge brought against a person stating the crime that he is alleged to have committed
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in law:

(1) Procedural activity by legally empowered agencies or persons consisting in proving the guilt of a person who is being tried for a crime. Soviet law envisions three types of accusation: state, social, and private. State accusation is carried out by the prosecutor, social accusation is conducted by an authorized representative of an organization of working people (public prosecutor), and private accusation is conducted by the victim personally or through a representative. In some instances of private accusation the prosecuting attorney may press charges along with the victim or his representative. The law of some Union republics permits the victim to participate in pressing charges in cases other than those involving private accusation.

(2) The content of the accusation, formulated in the conclusion to indict; formulation of the accusation brought by the prosecutor and set forth in his speech.

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Toward eleven o'clock the king entered the hall, surrounded by guards, but wearing his head covered, and with a calm expression turned to every side with a look of complete assurance, as if he were there to preside at an assembly of submissive subjects, rather than to meet the accusations of a rebel court.
The accusations of both might be summed up in a formula.
"Now," said the deputy, "answer me frankly, not as a prisoner to a judge, but as one man to another who takes an interest in him, what truth is there in the accusation contained in this anonymous letter?" And Villefort threw disdainfully on his desk the letter Dantes had just given back to him.
I will not therefore return to himself the charge brought against me but to himself Yes, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, to thyself I appeal, whether these accusations are not false?
With this exordium, Bella set forth that request of Lizzie's touching secrecy, and delicately spoke of that false accusation and its retraction, and asked might she beg to be informed whether it had any bearing, near or remote, on such request.
Seeing that his accusation of Sonia had completely failed, he had recourse to insolence:
It would have implied admitting the truth of the accusations brought against him.
"I judge only by the facts, the things you have said to me, your accusations against Captain Granet.
The complainant, a journalist in her fifties, according to reports, has said that she has felt emboldened by the recent stories about Ramadan to break her silence about her experience with the scholar, French media reported yesterday, Sunday August 25.Ramadan was quick to reply, however.He suggested that the accusation was merely a ploy to further defame him, quelling the accusation and promising his social media followers that he will soon be telling a full account of the newest allegations.
over two articles containing 'unjustified and unfounded accusation' against her.
Kim denied the accusations and asked prosecutors to investigate the "PD Notebook" journalists for defamation, and the "Moebius" actress for defaming and false accusation.