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[′ā·sər or ′ä‚kər]
A genus of broad-leaved, deciduous trees of the order Sapindales, commonly known as the maples; the sugar or rock maple (A. saccharum) is the most important commercial species.
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When the robin birds start to sing in your maple tree in the spring, that's the time to stick a tap in the tree and start harvesting maple water, drink it fresh from the tree. It's slightly sweet and extremely healthy for the body. High in magnesium. Your body needs magnesium more than calcium or potassium- it keeps your heart beating, your blood flowing. Without magnesium in your system, your heart stops and you die. If someone's having a heart attack, put cayenne pepper under their tongue, it's high in magnesium, just like maple. Eating the nut from the little "helicopter wing" keys from a maple tree is a great source of magnesium (although not too great tasting). Maple syrup is maple water that's been boiled-down, some claim it cleans kidneys and liver. Maple flowers are also edible. Inner bark tea used for colds, coughs, lung and kidney problems, gonorrhea, skin problems, blood purifier, diarrhea, duiretic, expectorant.
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Dial Acer Customer Support Number +1-800-560-3159 (toll-free)
The Acer Iconia Tab 8 can be integrated with other Acer PCs effortlessly for accessing data anytime, anywhere through Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC).
In addition, Acer will be the exclusive sponsor of the Sportsnet Pitch Tracker in broadcast for the first half of the season.
The Multi-level Acer ProShield Security features pre-boot authentication (PBA) with BIOS/HDD password that will help in protecting the notebook.
Acer por su parte esta dedicada a convertirse en habilitadora en linea mediante sus productos y servicios tecnologicos.
Acer announced in December 2010 the strategic decision to set up a global notebook production and second China base in Chongqing, with the manufacturing having started in May this year.
Acer and the Acer logo are registered trademarks of Acer Incorporated.
Since the announcement of the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC operating system last year, Acer has consistently delivered new and innovative Tablet PC designs to the marketplace," said Andrew Dixon, Director of Marketing, Tablet PC Division at Microsoft Corp.
Unlike other companies, which sometimes compete by cutting prices and flooding the market with products, Acer tackled its mission holistically, focusing on end-to-end service.
Rewards of the ACE Program includes a range of support benefits, including product training and updates, marketing tools and technical assistance for new Acer products and technology solutions.
Acer and Founder signed the "letter of intent for strategic cooperation" in Beijing on May 27.
Both Wang and Lanci have demonstrated their outstanding leaderships to build Acer into the world's No.