Acetic Anhydride

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acetic anhydride

[ə′sēd·ik an′hīd‚rīd]
(organic chemistry)
(CH3CO)2O A liquid with a pungent odor that combines with water to form acetic acid; used as an acetylating agent.
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Acetic Anhydride


(CH3CO)2O, a colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Acetic anhydride is soluble in benzene, ether, and other organic solvents; it has a boiling point of 139.5°C and a density of 1.082 g/cm3 at 20°C. Acetic anhydride is one of the reactants widely used in chemical synthesis for introducing the acetyl radical (CH3CO—), a process known as acetylation. Examples are provided by the reactions with alcohols (ROH) to form esters (CH3COOR), with amines (RNH2) to form amides (CH3CONHR), and with mercaptans (RSH) to form thioethers (CH3COSR). When heated with water, acetic anhydride forms acetic acid.

In industry, acetic anhydride is obtained by such methods as the catalytic oxidation of acetaldehyde in the presence of the acetates cobalt and copper and the reaction of acetic acid with ketene. The compound is mainly used in producing cellulose acetate, acetopropionate, and acetate butyrate; these substances in turn are used in making synthetic fibers, plastic products, coatings, paints, varnishes, and the backing of photographic and motion-picture film, as well as in producing such odoriferous substances as acetanisole and such pharmaceuticals as phenacetin.

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To accomplish this, an aqueous solution of 10 percent resin solids content was used for both PF1 and PF2, tung oil was diluted to 25 percent by volume with mineral spirits, and acetic anhydride was used at full strength.
According to Shah, the import of acetic anhydride was detected during the discreet monitoring of the import data available at WeBOC system.
The officials have drawn the samples from the plastic cans in the presence of senior Customs officials and tested with the help of 'First Defender Kit' to verify the contents which confirmed that the detected item was 'Acetic Anhydride.'
In China, the company will increase the price of acetic anhydride by CNY500/MT
Mexico, the world's third largest source of opium poppy, also legitimately produces, imports, and exports acetic anhydride. Acetic anhydride may also be used as a compound substance to produce a chemical reaction in the production of methamphetamine.
A mixture of substituted aldehyde (5.0 mmol), N-benzoylglycine (5.0 mmol), acetic anhydride (5.0 mL, 56.0 mmol), freshly fused sodium acetate (1.0 g, 12.1 mmol) in a round-bottomed flask was heated on steam bath, after liquefaction, heating was continued for additional 2 h.
Inside, powdery substance with a specific smell of acetic anhydride (heroin) weighing 5 grams was found.
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Sipchem manufactures and markets methanol, butanediol, tetrahydrofuran, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate monomer and carbon monoxide through its various affiliates.
Refined coal tar is used in the manufacturing of a range of chemicals such as pitch, dyes, nylon naphthalene, phenol, pyridine, benzene, ethylene, propylene, polyesters, plastics, synthesis gas, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, and ammonia.
Aspirin ingredients are diverted into heroin production (32,000 tonnes of acetic anhydride were seized in 2007); birthing blood clotters such as ergometrine double as LSD; even the anaesthetic diethyl ether gets diverted into cocaine production.