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Unlike most heteromorphic composites, achene morphology in H.
the rachilla disarticulates at the level of each glume insertion, and the dispersal unit is then formed by the glume, one rachilla internode and the achene (Barros, 1947; Larridon et al.
83 Treatments Number of 1000- Achene achene achene yield per head weight (t/ha) (g) [S.
On this specimen, we found one achene that was nearly mature.
Oil concentration and fatty acid composition of achenes of North American Helianthus (Asteraceae) species.
With the exception of Potamogeton achenes which were determined using the manuscript by Jessen (1955), subfossil seeds and achenes were identified using the text by Montgomery (1977).
2, with slightly larger leaves, 3-5 leaflets per leaf, leaflets broadly lanceolate, and with larger achenes (5.
2013) and that higher temperature during the achene filling period also affects oil composition (Harris et al.