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In an area known to suffer from some of the worst ozone pollution in the Northeast, Acadia National Park in Maine has been a national monitoring site for acid precipitation since the 1980s.
Despite the media alarm, the people who know most about the disease still don't know how it started, whether it is related to acid precipitation, or how it will run its course.
That's how the program was sold to Congress, resulting in the passage of the 1980 Acid Precipitation Act.
3 million grams of Nitric Dioxide -- the leading cause of Smog and Acid Precipitation -- 1,094,890 lbs of Coal Not Burned per Year -- 205 passenger cars from the road this year.
In their paper, Stothers and hiscoauthors conclude that "flood basalt fissure eruptions that produce individual lava flows with volumes exceeding 100 cubic kilometers at very high mass eruption rates are capable of injecting large quantities of sulfate aerosols into the lower stratosphere, with potentially drastic short-term atmospheric consequences, like acid precipitation, darkening of the sky and climatic cooling.
at both the Ontario Ministries of the Environment and Natural Resources, he brings a wealth of public sector experience to the committee, including extensive work on the long-range transport of air pollution and acid precipitation files.
Acid precipitation, as rain or snow, has been shown to affect freshwater lakes and streams and possibly forests.
And the streams that are the most vulnerable to the affects of acid precipitation are the relatively rare, high-quality mountain streams where wild trout thrive.
Forest Service provided EPA with comments predicting that the Halfmoon Cogeneration Project would reduce the ability of water bodies in Lye Brook to neutralize acid precipitation.
Mobile sources, according to the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, Badger added, are also the largest single source of NOx, although electric utility coal-fired boilers also produce significant amounts of NOx.
The lignin is isolated through acid precipitation of black liquor which produces unsulphonated lignin.
3] This may manifest as uric acid precipitation, pure uric acid formation and mixed uric acid/calcium oxalate stones.