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A condition of decreased alkali reserve of the blood and other body fluids.
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a change in the acid-alkaline balance of the organism as a result of insufficient removal and oxidation of organic acids (for example, beta-hydroxybutyric acid). Usually these products are rapidly removed from the body. In febrile diseases, intestinal disorders, pregnancy, starvation, and such, they are retained in the body; this is manifested in mild cases by the appearance of acetoacetic acid and acetone in the urine (so-called ketonuria). In severe cases (for example, diabetes mellitus) it may lead to coma. Treatment consists of removal of the cause of acidosis (for example, by administering insulin in case of diabetes); there is also symptomatic treatment—soda and an abundance of fluids taken internally.

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As the acidotic and C[O.sub.2] drives are minimized during control of shock under CMV with paralysis, hypoxemia should be the only variable left stimulating the respiratory generator under spontaneous ventilation.
Nonetheless, there is no consensus on a single umbilical cord artery pH that clearly distinguishes acidotic babies from those that are nonacidotic [31].
NPPE itself can promote cardiac depression in consequence to hypoxia and the subsequent acidotic state, which may make the diagnostic workup misleading [5].
In our study most of the patients of renal failure presented with vomiting, altered conscious state, acidotic breathing and pallor.
The baby was profoundly acidotic and asphyxiated and died 10 months later.
Unlike ischaemic priapism, the cavernous blood gases in non-ischaemic priapism are not hypoxic, hypercapnic, or acidotic. Lastly, stuttering priapism is described as repeated form of ischaemic priapism in which painful erections occur frequently with intervening periods of detumescence (diminution of the erection) (3).
Neither became acidotic or uremic, and neither required dialysis during the study period.
Although efforts to manage intra-partum fetal heart rate tracings focus largely on attempting to better predict who is at greatest risk for acidemia, it is important and worthwhile that we also attempt to determine whether a fetus with a category II tracing is not acidotic.
The patient was also found to be coagulopathic, in acute renal failure, acidotic, and in acute respiratory failure.
On initial presentation she was acidotic with apHof7, pCO2 of 32 mmHg, pO2 of 33 mmHg, and bicarbonate of 8 mmol/L.
It is a condition in which muscles enter a hypermetabolic state resulting in elevated temperature as a consequence of heat production, increased heart rate, acidotic breathing, muscle rigidity, and rhabdomyolysis which can lead to acute kidney injury and eventually to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and death, if not treated aggressively.
In acidotic states, urinary ammonium excretion rises, resulting from interplay between renal glutamine degradation with a concomitant fall in glutamine concentration and increased ammonium excretion due to urinary acidification.