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The small terminal sac of an acinous gland, lined with secreting cells.
An individual drupelet of a multiple fruit.
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(1) A structural and functional unit or the terminal secretory portion of the salivary, pancreatic, lacteal, sebaceous, or other saccular (alveolar) glands. The acinus is a bubble-like formation of one or more types of gland cells situated on a basement membrane and surrounded by connective tissue, capillaries, and nerve fibers. The apexes of the cells with their microvilli are directed toward the chamber of the acinus into which the secretion is discharged.

(2) A part of the respiratory apparatus in mammals that includes a section of the lung corresponding to the branches of the terminal bronchus—that is, the bronchioles, alveolar passages, and alveoli. One pulmonary lobule consists of 12–18 acini.

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Similarly, several stages of spermatogonia were observed within male acini, indicating that while the mature spermatozoids are released there is the capacity for new batches of spermatogonia to be produced.
We have demonstrated that the distribution of mucous alveoli is greater than serous acini, which are mainly located at the basal membrane of acinic cells.
In our study, the enlarged uterine horn, the corpus luteum cyst, and the presence of milk in mammary acini suggested recent pregnancy, and the positive immunolabeling of the endometrium raised the question of a possible abortion.
Similar data have been reported by other authors, who found a progressive increase of nuclear volume from normal prostate acini to low grade PIN, high grade PIN, and carcinoma (Lopez-Beltran et al., 2000).
They have reported that in the presence of inhibitors of oxidative metabolism, the generation of FAEEs in isolated acini is increased compared with FAEE generation in the absence of inhibitors.
During late summer and early autumn, multinucleated inclusions dominated the acini [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A OMITTED].
Epithelial cells can migrate out of the prostate after (a) matrix destruction by polymor-phonuclear leukocytes within neighboring acini and (b) hypervascularization because of the local inflammatory response.
The rounded nuclei, increased cytoplasmic volume, and distinct cell membranes may contribute to a "monotonous" look in some acini (Figure 12).
The acini are enlarged and a marked tendency to intra-acinar proliferation is seen (Fig: 13).
In addition to Nrf2 activation, we observed the increase of NQO1, HO-1, SOD1, and GPx1 expression in cerulein-stimulated primary acini. Similar results have been reported in melatonin-induced antioxidant responses in mouse acinar cells [49].
n = 15), gametes were almost spawned and a few sperm or degenerated oocytes remained in the acini of 10 of the 15 individuals.