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A tumor of the nervous system.



a collective term designating several oncological conditions of the nervous system. Included as neuromas are neurinomas, neurofibromas, and neuroblastomas.

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Occupation and risk of meningioma and acoustic neuroma in the United States.
CSF leaks after retrosigmoid acoustic neuroma resection have been reported to occur in 0 to 27% of patients.
She adds, "Although this is a rare type of tumor, recent studies show that acoustic neuroma diagnoses are increasing, and most patients are between the ages of 30 and 60.
3) Even if we grant that a decline in its use for acoustic neuroma and Mrniere's disease is justified, it does not necessarily follow that the middle fossa approach to traumatic facial paralysis should be avoided altogether.
That includes sufferers of SSD -- which can result from head trauma, viral infection, or acoustic neuroma tumor surgery -- as well as people with conductive and mixed hearing loss from indications such as chronic suppurative otitis media, otitis externa, and ear canal atresia.
Magnetic resonance imaging, of course, is recommended for evaluating patients with unilateral tinnitus and hearing loss suggestive of an acoustic neuroma.
The 22-year-old was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in January and will be unavailable for the coming months.
It is thought that the marked disruption in the inner ear membranes that takes place during acoustic neuroma surgery acts to release tissue antigens into the systemic circulation.
Rare causes of vertigo are acoustic neuroma, a tumour on the hearing nerve, a stroke and injuries involving the head.