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The C-SAM tool measures the acoustic-impedance value of a mold compound in one step, without having to measure the acoustic velocity and density separately.
The system's primary sensors are based on Kraken's Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar technology, real-time Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) processing algorithms and acoustic velocity sensors.
The method used to study the vibrational energy dissipation characteristics based on coupling of vibrations damping decrement and acoustic velocity in a nonmetallic heterogeneous material.
OASPL and acoustic resistance versus acoustic velocity, to be extracted in-situ.
OH+] signal to the amplitude of the acoustic velocity signal measured by the hot wire anemometer.
Through a large number of experimental researches, the main factors affecting acoustic velocity in rock are lithology, porosity and vertical effective stress.
The acoustic velocity potential [PSI] for the mode N is a solution to the homogeneous Helmholtz Equation
Two piezoelectric transducers, acting as transmitter and receiver alternately, are mounted on opposite outside of the pipe at a fixed axial separation, and ultrasonic waves are transmitted simultaneously in opposite directions from one to the other The component of flowing velocity along the acoustic path adds to the acoustic velocity in the downstream direction but subtracts in the upstream direction, thus making the upstream transit time larger than the downstream transit time.
Part of the samples has undergone more specialized measurements of acoustic velocity, thermal conductivity, resistivity, and mercury injection.
Measurements of acoustic velocity and attenuation can be used for the calculation of the components of a complex longitudinal or shear modulus when a longitudinal or shear wave propagates through the sample.
The thickness can be determined from the time of propagation of the acoustic wave between the upper and lower surfaces of the oil slick and knowledge of the acoustic velocity in oil.

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