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, acoustical
1. of or related to sound, the sense of hearing, or acoustics
2. designed to respond to, absorb, or control sound
3. (of a musical instrument or recording) without electronic amplification
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Having a characteristic concerning sound, of an object or quantity that in and of itself does not have properties associated with sound, such as a device, measurement, or symbol.
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acoustic, acoustical

The qualifying adjectives acoustic and acoustical have the following meanings: arising from, actuated by, containing, producing, or related to sound. In general, acoustic is used when the term being qualified designates something that has the properties, dimensions, or physical characteristics associated with sound waves; acoustical is used when the term being qualified does not explicitly designate something that has the properties, dimensions, or physical characteristics of sound (e.g., acoustical engineering). However, sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably.
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For example, Persicke, Jackson, and Adams (2014) used a modified TAGteach (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance; TAGteach International, 2017) procedure in which they paired the sound of a clicking device with a preferred edible item to establish the sound as a conditioned reinforcer.
After hiring acoustical consultants from Orfield Laboratories of Minneapolis, the university installed a series of fabric-covered panels in strategic locations along the walls in 2015.
Recent research and occupancy surveys for commercial buildings by the University of California Berkley's Center for the Built Environment (CBE) found that most building occupants are dissatisfied with speech privacy within both open offices and private office configurations (Jensen and Arens 2005), and that LEED and green rated buildings had more acoustical performance complaints than standard construction (Abbaszadeh et al).
Experimentally, its acoustical performance was compared against single- and double-cup commercial earmuffs.
"While we will be gaining market share in our existing segments, Proudfoot will allow us to further our reach by adding a line of acoustical masonry products," he affirms.
One particularly egregious instance of this misapplication is acoustical fabric.
These are designed for a variety of spaces and applications, and can be implemented in any location where boundary-mounted acoustical treatments are not feasible or desired.
Rigidized Metals Corp.'s ACOUSTICAL PANELS feature a deep-textured, perforated metal that meets the demands of acoustics and enhances visual interest.
On a similar note, walls can help to improve acoustical privacy within a building.
Floor to Ceiling Carpet One supplied roughly 10,000 square feet of Acoustigreen Selectwood Perforated Panels in a maple finish, accommodating the acoustical needs of the newly modernized space.
Consulting an acoustical engineer or expert during the design phase is the best way to avoid future noise complaints.
Freiheit, a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, is an internationally respected researcher and lecturer on acoustical topics.