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, acoustical
1. of or related to sound, the sense of hearing, or acoustics
2. designed to respond to, absorb, or control sound
3. (of a musical instrument or recording) without electronic amplification


Having a characteristic concerning sound, of an object or quantity that in and of itself does not have properties associated with sound, such as a device, measurement, or symbol.

acoustic, acoustical

The qualifying adjectives acoustic and acoustical have the following meanings: arising from, actuated by, containing, producing, or related to sound. In general, acoustic is used when the term being qualified designates something that has the properties, dimensions, or physical characteristics associated with sound waves; acoustical is used when the term being qualified does not explicitly designate something that has the properties, dimensions, or physical characteristics of sound (e.g., acoustical engineering). However, sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably.
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Features include stand-mounted acoustical absorption panels, the reduction of unwanted acoustical reflections, the ability to tame chaotic reverberation, portability, and a melamine-free formula for durability.
Its involvement in the renovation of the Livingston Lord Library was given the CISCA Construction Excellence Award, an honor from the Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association, the recognized authority and resource for acoustical ceiling and wall systems committed to providing solutions to contractors through education, leadership and networking opportunities.
By incorporating specific acoustical products in the design stage, teams can prevent needing to shoehorn components around HVAC and sprinkler equipment after the fact," adds Dave Ingersoll, Business Development Manager at Sound Seal.
Recent acoustical innovations from Wenger include the Transcend[TM] Active Acoustic System utilizing digital signal processing technology to make performance spaces more multi-purpose.
Similar to ATI's horizontally-oriented acoustical reverberation chambers, efficiency of sample installation and testing has been engineered to maximise the testing experience at our facility," stated Eric Miller, director -- acoustics.
Skoug is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, The Peter Kiewit Institute, where he received his Masters Degree in Acoustical Architectural Engineering.
is introducing custom fabricated acoustical foams and barrier materials that can be included with various types of medical devices to reduce noise.
Professional cleaners will scour the legislative chamber's ceiling and walls, every inch of every 23-karat gold-leaf decoration, acoustical tile, limestone block, walnut beam and all trim.
Automotive acoustical parts have historically used eco-friendly raw materials because of economic considerations.
Precision AirConvey manufactures the PAC Acoustical 90, a 90[degrees]-radius elbow engineered as a sound-attenuation device for installation in the company's automated trim, scrap, and waste-handling systems.
ARLO is the electronic journal of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), a society devoted to all aspects of acoustics.