acoustical panel

acoustical lay-in panel

An acoustical ceiling board designed to be laid into an exposed grid suspension system.
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"This new synergy should provide a better global presence and should accelerate the development of new acoustical panel technology," Alexis explains.
The acquisition follows the recent Egan acquisition of Working Walls, a 30-year manufacturer of Acoustical Panel solutions in a wide array of commercial fabrics.
ATCO Noise Management is now offering a modular, acoustical panel package that contains all the silencing components and accessories needed for a complete solution to an industrial noise problem, such as a compressor building or gas metering/regulating building.
Today, the company is offering roofing fleece for liquid application systems, acoustical floor/wall underlayment, its new Tekboard 3D Acoustical panel and the company is developing new lightweight veneer, according to Alex Alexis, business unit manager, Texel.
says its panel "Z" clips offer a fast and easy method for locking into place any kind of wall panel, partition, acoustical panel, cabinet, artwork or signage without any special tools.
Wallcoverings are often available unbacked for light-duty upholstery, drapery, or for acoustical panel wraps.
Acoustical panels Economy designer acoustical panel with an NRC of .50 for office interiors features simplicity in design, arrangement flexibility, and unusual ease of assembly.
The walls boast a collage of colorful acoustical panels that create visual interest while reducing noise.