acoustical panel

acoustical lay-in panel

An acoustical ceiling board designed to be laid into an exposed grid suspension system.
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Tenders are invited for Providing & Fixing False Ceiling & Acoustical Panel In Auditorium Building At Gujarat High Court, Sola, Ahmedabad.
Today, the company is offering roofing fleece for liquid application systems, acoustical floor/wall underlayment, its new Tekboard 3D Acoustical panel and the company is developing new lightweight veneer, according to Alex Alexis, business unit manager, Texel.
ATCO Noise Management is now offering a modular, acoustical panel package that contains all the silencing components and accessories needed for a complete solution to an industrial noise problem, such as a compressor building or gas metering/regulating building.
says its panel "Z" clips offer a fast and easy method for locking into place any kind of wall panel, partition, acoustical panel, cabinet, artwork or signage without any special tools.
Work Includes The Infill Of An Existing Wall Opening, Repair And Painting Of Existing Gypsum Board Walls, Modification Of The Acoustical Panel Ceiling System, And The Installation Of Carpet Tiles And Vinyl Wall Base To Match The Existing Room Finishes.
The City of Green Bay on behalf of the Green Bay Housing Authority (GBHA) is seeking quotations from qualified vendors to remove, dispose and replace acoustical panel ceiling tiles in the eight (8) corridors of Mason Manor at 1424 Admiral Ct.
Other new products include fire-rated, perforated serpentine ceiling canopies, acoustical panels, stone panels and a lightweight foam core for oversized doors, sliding doors, or special market segments where the weight of a hinged door is a factor.
The BAC expects to receive the LEED Gold rating for sustainability achieved through every phase from demolition (dust control, recyclable demolition materials), use of local suppliers, and use of such eco-friendly, recyclable materials as formaldehyde-free plywood, rulon, and LEED specific acoustical panels.
Large tactile acoustical panels shaped as fall leaves drift down from the ceiling of the two-story library, providing sound control and bold imagery for the children, while large vinyl super graphics are used on each floor to demonstrate the season and serve as learning tools.
BFX Fabrication manufactures ASME code vessels for gas processing and gathering companies as well as noise abatement acoustical panels.
BFX Fabrication began live operation in November 2009 and manufactures ASME code vessels for gas processing and gathering companies, as well as noise abatement acoustical panels.
Changing room acoustics is not usually as simple as throwing down a thick carpet, but an acoustician can determine whether, for instance, acoustical panels added to the ceiling and walls will create enough acoustic modification to measurably change intelligibility in the given space.