act curtain

act curtain, act drop, front curtain, house curtain

A curtain, behind the asbestos curtain in a theater, which closes the proscenium and serves as an indication of the beginning or end of an act or scene.
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The farmers body called for removal of Essential Commodities Act as stock limits imposed under this Act curtain demand for farm produce and prices and also an Income Security Act for farmers, tenant farmers and farm labourers.
Horrified husband Ian, 57, saw 4ft 5ins Janette tumble after the first act curtain fell but the 700 strong audience did not see the accident.
The first act curtain falls on the play's melodramatic high point: Crackerjack has left the crisis center, and by the time Ramon and Grace find him on the street, he's dying of a drug overdose.
"God damn you," cries Nan, in a terrific first act curtain line, "now we'll never know anything." The play's trick, however, is its second-act contradiction of that statement, showing the past with the same actors playing the characters' parents.
Harder to fathom is the curious act curtain dominated by a split eyeball reminiscent of surrealistic movies from the time of the original "Porgy," but not otherwise relevant.