act drop

act curtain, act drop, front curtain, house curtain

A curtain, behind the asbestos curtain in a theater, which closes the proscenium and serves as an indication of the beginning or end of an act or scene.
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The act drop just managed to hide from sight the image of British soldiers blasting Indians from the ends of cannons in a moment of 'justice.
Count to ten before you act Drop your shoulders and breathe deeply to help you relax your instincts may be telling your body to get ready to fight, but your rational self can reverse this message by telling your body to chill out If you feel the urge to throw something or hit out, remove yourself from the situation and try taking it out on something soft like a cushion that you won't damage and which won't hurt you
However diverse the temperaments of these methods of disclosure (or closure), the painted scenery or cloth revealed at the back of the proscenium curtain or the Act Drop is the one that actually launches the narrative.
This summer, Dole quietly let the Equal Opportunity Act drop, and Gingrich didn't push it in the House.
The newest range designed by the sister act drops just in time for the party season and includes a wealth of pieces that will see you through to the new year.
The Minnesota Child Victims Act drops the statute of limitations for civil suits involving child abuse claims made against churches, schools and other organizations and opens a three-year window for "past victims to file lawsuits against abusers and institutions that may have failed to protect them," Minnesota Public Radio reported.
Although the sheer comic delirium of the first act drops after intermission, it's replaced by the enjoyment of the entire razor-sharp company's split-second timing of Bean's throwaway jokes, one-liners and elaborate running gags.