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Actinium is engaged in the development and commercialization of alpha particle immunotherapeutics based on its unique patent position for the utilization of actinium-225 and bismuth-213.
Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSE AMERICAN: ATNM), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, announced yesterday that it has named Robert N Daly, MS, PhD as its new Vice President, Head of Clinical Operations, effective immediately.
I therefore suggest changing the graph shown to replace Bohrium by Iron and Actinium by Cerium.
Actinium Pharmaceuticals reported data from its poster presentation at the AACR or American Association of Cancer Research annual Meeting 2019 demonstrating that the targeted radiation delivered by Actimab-A to CD33 expressing cells can deplete MCL-1 levels in tumor cells, thereby removing a mechanism of resistance and rendering them more susceptible to venetoclax.
United States-based Actinium Pharmaceuticals has named Gregory Bergonio as its director of clinical operations, it was reported yesterday.
ACTINIUM ([ - 1 + 3] x [20 + 9]) + 14 + 9 + 21 - 13 = 89
(1) Actinides consist of actinium and heavier elements in the
Actinium Pharmaceuticals announced that preclinical data from the novel combination of its CD33 ARC or Antibody Radiation-Conjugate Actimab-A with venetoclax has been accepted for poster presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research, or AACR, Annual Meeting 2019.