action hinge

double-acting hinge

A hinge which permits motion in either of two directions; used on swinging doors.
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The Hatfield also balances properly right at the action hinge pin.
Tenders are invited for Double Action Hinges M S Size-100 Mm, Is: 453/93
The action hinges on the 18th-century French artist Antoine Watteau, whose fictional "lost" painting gives the novel its title.
Lantech's Costa Rican action hinges on statutory rights that are unique to Costa Rica and that cannot be resolved by a judgment of the district court on Canonlat's claims in Florida.
The remaining action hinges on the fate of John's nephew, Arthur, arguably the rightful heir and consequently a potential threat.
One could go further and say the film apes "Ice Age" in that the action hinges on an acorn, or at least what appears to be one.
That action hinges on what happens with Western Sahara, which could become a country in its own right or be absorbed into Morocco.
The action hinges on the discovery by Vivie Warren, an educated high flier, that her mother's fortune depends on the skilful management of a chain of European brothels.
Strike action hinges on a meeting with ministers in two weeks.
The action hinges on their claim that the company responsible for the fund has lost records showing they worked at the Birkenhead shipyard.
The action hinges on the fate of Padraic's cat, one "wee Thomas," who may or may not have suffered a demise demanding its own bloody retribution by the time the curtain falls.
Set in Venice, the action hinges on the efforts of merchant Pantalone (Hamilton Camp) to marry off his daughter, Clarice (Lisa Akey).

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