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While observing Pollock's action paintings, we explored the relationship between various types of line.
Schneemann's solo performance, Up To and Including Her Limits (1973-- 1977), insofar as it is a direct commentary on the hypermasculinity of action painting, as well as the sexualized nature of Pollock's "ejaculatory drip" in particular, also represents one of the best examples of what painting became as it moved through her body: a total integration of action and object.
Where else should this be, especially when years ago he woke his own Kurdish people with that deafening action painting of the schoolchilderen" And wouldn't it be wonderful for the Kurdish nation to have that kind of monument with a proper Khayat "museum" right there--the more so since he is and will forever be one of the finest Kurdish painters of all times"
In these textural works, Gulgee brings the Islamic calligraphy tradition to the modern practice of action painting such as that developed by the American artist Jackson Pollock," the museum said.
To make it vivid, you have to get down in it--working on it became for us like creating an action painting.
Applying those almost violent forces of pushing and pulling from the inside and outside is repeated many times; it is a vigorous process, a kind of dance or a ritual that the artist is performing around her work, reminiscent of action painting.
But Action Painting storms out of bed in the second half in a hailstorm of guitars.
En el exterior se desarrollaba el Action Painting, liderado por Jakson Pollock, donde el cuerpo era el guia de la pintura, por medio del dripping o tecnica del chorreo.
Experienced artists Urban Canvas help you create a large-scale, abstract art masterpiece, using action painting techniques with mops, rollers and paint bombs.
She has been greatly influenced by the abstract expressionist and action painting movements made famous by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, and Willem de Kooning.
He pioneered action painting and the technique of using his body as a brush earned him the title Jack the Dripper.
Shaw's simple, yet visionary approach predated Jackson Pollock's action painting or gestural abstraction by a decade and the similarities in their method are uncanny.

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