excited state

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Excited state

In quantum mechanics, a stationary state of higher energy than the lowest stationary state or ground state of a particle or a system of particles. Customarily, only bound stationary states, which generally are at most denumerably infinite in number, are spoken of as excited, although the formal quantum theory often treats the noncountable unbound stationary states on an equal footing with the bound states. See Ground state, Metastable state

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excited state

See energy level; excitation.
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excited state

[ek′sīd·əd ′stāt]
(quantum mechanics)
A stationary state of higher energy than the lowest stationary state or ground state of a particle or system of particles.
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Two articles reported that Huangqi could both induce the generation of NO by macrophages in a resting state and inhibit the generation of NO by macrophages in an activated state (polysaccharides and various combinations of polysaccharides with saponins) [41, 42].
In vitro studies have shown no change in the expression of CD41 in resting and activated state. Furthermore, it was also observed that the presence of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) does not affect the expression of CD41 after 20 minutes, 2 hours and three hours of incubation.9
Similarly CD61 positivity during resting and activated states was 89.53+-5.69 Vs 90.40 +- 5.2 showing no statistically significant difference (p=0.486).
The mechanical stress generated by the process induced physical and/or chemical changes in the active principles, that was transformed to an activated state, more prone to dissolution (Boldyrev 2004).
The presented oscillograms show that it is sufficient a time interval of only 60 ms to activate the electrovalves in full force, and that the electrovalves can be kept in an activated state with PWM pulses in ratios 1/5 in relation to the total duration.
Taken together, these observations suggest the existence of two phases in platelet response to Ni[Cl.sub.2] stimulation: a first step represented by the initial contact and binding to GpIb-V-IX complex, associated with cytoskeletal reorganization and translocation of PIK, and a second leading to the conversion of GpIIb-IIIa to an activated state necessary to support platelet aggregation.
The activated state of such organs appears to trigger host immune mechanisms that accelerate the process of acute rejection."
The presence of the antibody amplitude will be detected by the sensors, which will switch on an activated state corresponding to the presence of the antibody.
Previously, cards arrived at a store in a "live" or activated state. Because of their small size they were prime candidates for pilferage, resulting in their being placed in such secure but inaccessible locations as behind the checkout counter.
Moreover, very few immune cells in the body are normally in the activated state.
Hence, part of the activated state will be deactivated; and by the same token, part of the deactivated state can be transformed into the activated state.
If large numbers of Guard units had been sent to the Persian Gulf, the Pentagon could have activated state militias to keep order at home.

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