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A substance that increases the effectiveness of a rubber vulcanization accelerator; for example, zinc oxide or litharge.
A trace quantity of a substance that imparts luminescence to crystals; for example, silver or copper in zinc sulfide or cadmium sulfide pigments.
A molecule that modifies a repressor in a way that enables it to stimulate operon transcription.
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1. A substance which accelerates a chemical reaction but appears to remain unchanged itself.
2. A hardener that accelerates cure of adhesives either with or without heat. Used primarily with synthetic resins.
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While Activator 1000 Odor Control Lemon Lime Formula can be used alone to eliminate odors or in addition to monthly treatments of Activator 1000 Septic Tank Cleaning Formula.
We saw opportunity with the styling gel, like we saw with the activator gel market,'' he said.
PAION's most advanced drug candidate, Desmoteplase, a novel plasminogen activator for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke is partnered with Forest Laboratories, Inc.
The system features Rapid*Serve, an instant induction activator that infuses pellet bases with enough energy to keep food hot until served.
Like a small green bin, it is buried in the garden so only the (child-resistant) lid is showing and a biological activator is inserted.
It looks as though [the RNA] is switching it from a repressor to an activator," says Gage.
In addition, Multi-Cure 621-VT can be chemically cured with activator for interfacial bonding where the highest strength is needed.
Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) is a key regulator of the fibrinolytic system (1).

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