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A substance that increases the effectiveness of a rubber vulcanization accelerator; for example, zinc oxide or litharge.
A trace quantity of a substance that imparts luminescence to crystals; for example, silver or copper in zinc sulfide or cadmium sulfide pigments.
A molecule that modifies a repressor in a way that enables it to stimulate operon transcription.
(graphic arts)
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1. A substance which accelerates a chemical reaction but appears to remain unchanged itself.
2. A hardener that accelerates cure of adhesives either with or without heat. Used primarily with synthetic resins.
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Class II malocclusions successfully treated with either an activator or extraoral traction were compared to untreated controls by Baumrind and associates [25,26].
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Activator 1000 Odor Control Lemon Lime Formula was being exclusively offered to return customers and those who placed their orders by phone, however its popularity forced the company to release the odor control product on
In their review, the authors conclude that there is benefit to the use of the Activator Adjusting Instrument (AAI) for patients with spinal pain and trigger points.
The project is being supervised by Anthony Walker-Senior, who is the YMCA's vRugby Activator, a1s well as a member of the senior squad who himself came up through the club's junior ranks.

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