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We see these initial partnerships as the tip of the iceberg for global adoption of Active Addressing technology and we anticipate licensing our technology to additional LCD makers in the coming months," said Allen Alley, co-CEO of Motif and vice president of Corporate Development and Product Management at In Focus Systems.
NOTE: Active Addressing is a trademark of Motif Inc.
Motif is a joint venture company owned 50/50 by In Focus Systems and Motorola that focuses on the research, development and licensing of its Active Addressing intellectual property.
Both Motorola and In Focus believe in the Active Addressing Technology," said Fred Tucker, Motorola Executive Vice President and General Manager of the company's Automotive, Energy and Controls Group, "and we agreed that we want the Motif team to focus on the Active Addressing electronics and integrated circuits necessary to bring Active Addressing to market.
Active Addressing bridges the gap between these technologies by signaling all pixels constantly and simultaneously, using integrated circuitry (Active Addressing ICs) located off the screen.
With Motif's Active Addressing technology and its more affordable price, we can deliver a range of color LCD displays that now include video-rate capabilities.
Thus, in addition to offering products using Motif's AAICs, both companies will also be able to offer MLS Active Addressing LCDs.
Through the agreement, Motif, a joint venture between Motorola and In Focus Systems, will sell Active Addressing integrated circuits (AAICs) to Standish, allowing Standish to manufacture Active Addressing LCDs (AALCDs), thus expanding Standish's product line to include the video-rate, high-information content LCD market.
In October 1992 In Focus Systems and Motorola jointly formed Motif to design, manufacture and market LCDs and to market AA-ICs fabricated by Motorola that embody the proprietary Active Addressing display technology.
Not only will Motif supply Tottori Sanyo with Active Addressing ASICs, Tottori Sanyo will supply Motif with raw liquid crystal cells which Motif will then connect to their own Active Addressing ASICs, providing Motif -- and in turn their customers -- with a source for LCDs larger than those AALCDs that will be built in its Oregon facility.
Just one year into our history, Motif is unveiling the operation that is expected to shape a whole new industry dynamic based on the price/performance advantage of Active Addressing technology," said Henry Lewinsohn, co-CEO and chief operating officer.
Jointly owned by In Focus and Motorola, Motif will establish a plant in the United States to manufacture low-cost, video-speed LCDs using In Focus Systems' Active Addressing technology.