active defense

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active air defense

A direct defensive action taken to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or reduce the effectiveness of an air attack. It includes attacking enemy aircraft in air, electronic countermeasures, and action by air defense artillery and surface-to-air missiles, but it excludes passive measures such as camouflage and dispersal. Also called an active defense.
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Almost immediately after the Army adopted the Active Defense doctrine, the Soviets changed their doctrine and command and control capability and introduced modernized weapons.
Active defense, one that seeks to find and defeat a sophisticated maneuvering adversary, causes problems for an enemy who tries to stay in systems for a long period of time.
This may entail an active defense system against very short range threats, some of which are even below the operational envelope of Iron Dome, such as mortar bombs.
Active defense, as used in this article, is the kinetic measures used to defend the force from A2/AD threats.
situation and thereby limit active defenses to State actors?
NASDAQ: KEYW) subsidiary Hexis Cyber Solutions has unveiled HawkEye G, an active defense solution to detect stealthy advanced cyber threats and take automatic action to remove the threats from the network.
Nechushtan strengthened the IAF and its operational capabilities, becoming a leader in active defense against ballistic missiles.
Active defense involves (1) detecting an intrusion, (2) tracing the intruder, and (3) some form of cyber counterstrike.
Think ahead; plan ahead - far ahead of mainstream companies such as an incredible demonstration to be put on by Mobile Active Defense (SC Magazines' 2011 Innovator of the Year in Mobile Device Protection) and AirPatrol (2011 InformationWeek Magazine's Top 10 Mobile Security Vendors to Watch).
In a study of mobile device management products by analyst firm Gartner in July, Zenprise, Mobile Active Defense and MobileIron scored highest overall in various use cases, and Good Technology was still the best single email-centric solution for secure enterprise mobile email.
We have an active defense system in place to hunt within DoD networks and prevent infiltration.

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