active defense

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active air defense

A direct defensive action taken to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or reduce the effectiveness of an air attack. It includes attacking enemy aircraft in air, electronic countermeasures, and action by air defense artillery and surface-to-air missiles, but it excludes passive measures such as camouflage and dispersal. Also called an active defense.
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The only way to accomplish that, he explained, is to apply "layers of technology," ranging from lightweight ceramic armor to active defenses, electronic countermeasures and stealth coatings.
Because of limitations on attack detection, active defense would either need to happen very quickly or respond to a series of ongoing attacks.
Army's current Active Defense Systems (ADS) program, formerly known as the Integrated Army Active Protection System (IAAPS).
These tests, competed in May 2003, demonstrate that active defense systems are ready for SDD/fielding and can offer near term, low weight alternatives to heavy armor, reactive armor (RA) or passive non-explosive reactive armor (NERA).
Nasdaq:CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced that its SmartDefense(TM) active defense solution protects customers against the three latest reported Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) vulnerabilities.
the leader in ruggedized mobile devices, announced that WidePoint Certificate-on-Device(TM) digital certificates can now be utilized on select Kyocera smartphones to enable advanced mobile security features such as on-demand VPN by Mobile Active Defense, Inc.
What: The Active Defense panel will discuss attack prevention versus detection as well as the different methods of intrusion prevention and active response mechanisms.
Keynoting the event is SANS Senior Instructor, John Strand, who will demonstrate the Active Defense Harbinger Distribution, a DARPA funded, free Active Defense virtual machine.
As the inventors of the industry-standard Stateful Inspection technology and the first widely-available commercial firewall product, Check Point is uniquely positioned to continue leading the Internet security industry into the next phase of intelligent, Active Defense to defeat the increasing number of damaging attacks directed at critical applications and networks.
During the second session, "IDS Challenges, Emerging Technology & Deployment Trends" at 11:00 AM on Thursday, April 17, Roesch will take part in a panel discussion that will address the shortfalls of Gigabit IDS, emerging alternative IDS strategies with active defense, and overall trends in the IDS implementation arena.
Aluria Software's proprietary Active Defense Shield works in concert with a desktop's operating system driver to instantly identify and repel spyware before it can be installed.
DomainTools Webinar: Making DNS Your Greatest Ally in Active Defense What: Cybersecurity webinar on DNS and Open Source IntelligenceWho : Tim Helming, Director of Product Management for DomainTools, and Dave Shackleford, SANS Institute Analyst and Senior InstructorWhere : https://www.

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