active defense

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active air defense

A direct defensive action taken to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or reduce the effectiveness of an air attack. It includes attacking enemy aircraft in air, electronic countermeasures, and action by air defense artillery and surface-to-air missiles, but it excludes passive measures such as camouflage and dispersal. Also called an active defense.
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Cyberspace operations communities take a third and quite different view of how to provide mission assurance, turning to active defense through continuous monitoring and response to attacks.
This may entail an active defense system against very short range threats, some of which are even below the operational envelope of Iron Dome, such as mortar bombs.
To cope with this reality, the joint force must adopt a combined strategy of active defense, dislocation, dispersion, and redundancy, which, like suppression, will have a decided impact on sustainment.
conducting or supporting active defense, interdiction operations,
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 8, 2013-Hexis Cyber Solutions launches intelligent active defense solution(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 8, 2013-Hexis Cyber Solutions launches intelligent active defense solution(C)1994-2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
But for Stein, the decision to choose the Chinese bidder has little to do with politics and is rather part of Turkey's "overarching military plans" to move away from its traditional emphasis on defense in favor of an "active defense that pairs offensive systems with passive defenses."
packaging with an elegant and feminine design for the launch of Oriflame's Active Defense Shield SPE 45.
Among the products to be displayed, is the Multi-Mission Radar (MMR) - ELM-2084, a key component in the Iron Dome active defense system against short- and medium-range ballistic threats.
Nechushtan strengthened the IAF and its operational capabilities, becoming a leader in active defense against ballistic missiles.
However, a major barrier to implementing even an optimal active defense regime is that other bodies of law do not differentiate between a malicious first strike against an important system such as CNI and an optimal use of a mitigative counterstrike that is in the best interest of society.

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