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active site:

see enzymeenzyme,
biological catalyst. The term enzyme comes from zymosis, the Greek word for fermentation, a process accomplished by yeast cells and long known to the brewing industry, which occupied the attention of many 19th-century chemists.
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active site

[′ak·tiv ′sīt]
The effective site at which a given heterogeneous catalytic reaction can take place. Also known as active center.
(cell and molecular biology)
The region of an enzyme molecule at which binding with the substrate occurs. Also known as binding site; catalytic site.
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Lib dock docks ligand into the active site by calculating hot spots and using polar and a polar probes and these hot spots are further used to align ligands to form interactions 16.
John customer for more than a decade and currently has two active sites in Atlantic Highlands.
Upon binding of the substrate/product to the active site, large (~20[degrees]) rotation of the large domain is induced with respect to the small and clasp domains [6-9].
[beta] Cas are also zinc metalloenzymes; however the zinc is coordinated by two Cys and one His in the active site (x, x+56, x+59, where x=68 in Can2) [38].
To investigate the active sites of CYP1s, a series of potential inhibitors were synthesized and tested for their inhibitory activity.
Here, we present a reliable bioinformatics classroom module into an introductory biochemistry course, which identifies two critical aspects of hands-on activity: building phylogeny and 3D structure of the active site of the target enzyme, [alpha]-amylase.
Polar hydrogens were added to each receptor; the grid was located in the pocket of the active site for each model.
"A significant number of sites are due to open and management expects the number of active sites to be approaching 50 by June 2016.
Isoenzymes of COX are enzymes that have a dimer of two identical subunits, and each subunit contains two separate active sites. Two small arms attach the enzyme strongly to the inner surface of smooth endoplasmic reticulum [17].
coli and MTB NarL and their active sites superimpose exactly and the positions of the active site residues are nearly identical [30].
These enzymes were shown to commonly possess a catalytic carboxyl group or groups at their active sites, which may function as general acid/base or nucleophilic catalysts.

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