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The elemental chemical composition of active sludge has the formula-- [C.sub.54][H.sub.212][O.sub.82][N.sub.8][S.sub.7].
Both excess of active sludge from those processes and sludge originated from primary sedimentation unit are possible to be stabilized by anaerobic treatment which can be accompanied by production of certain amount of biogas.
In the activated sludge process the biomass seeding was done using an active sludge obtained from a sewage treatment plant.
SRF funds allow cities such as Pueblo, CO, to receive a $25 million loan at 2.8 percent interest to put in place an active sludge mode of treatment for removal of ammonia from its wastewater.
where the rate of the substrate biodegradation depends upon the mass balance of the active sludge microorganism growth.