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Older ewes were also found to be more prone to acute mastitis and those with the infection were significantly more likely to have a lump in the udder when examined later in the same lactation.
(2012) treated acute mastitis in a 1.5 yr old Jamunapari goat with Ceftriaxone @ 20mg/kg b.wt.
Of the inflammatory lesions, a single case of acute mastitis presented with a short history of mass in the breast with tenderness and redness.
After freshening it was revealed that her udder problems resulted from incomplete or improper treatment of acute mastitis which had led to chronic mastitis.
Parentral administration of antibiotics in acute mastitis is recommended as it diffuses well in udder while intramammary infusion is unlikely diffuse well in all parts of glandular tissue due to swollen mammary gland (Radostitis et al., 2007).
Detailed history and clinical examination showed that animals were suffering from acute mastitis. Antibiotic susceptibility test (AST) was conducted by Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion method (Bauer et al., 1966) and culture examination of milk was done using standard method.

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