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I'm no fan of cluttering online pages and videos with too many ads, but charging for a 2-second video ad view is underhanded.
That's all problematic for Facebook's ad views. Facebook wants to avoid scenarios such as "Look how many Likes they get.
Furthermore, while Netflix and Amazon Video do not show ads to their subscribers, the OTT and connected TV landscape is accounting for a growing share of premium video ad views, meaning that advertisers still have healthy opportunities to reach their target audiences.
(2018 was the year of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, among other major live, televised events.) As such, live content ad views grew 86% in 2018.
Its world-class retargeting platform, powered by 100 per cent deep learning AI, currently handles two million requests per second, 10 billion ad views per month and about five million daily clicks.