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1. (to be performed) slowly
2. a movement or piece to be performed slowly
3. Ballet a slow section of a pas de deux



one of the artistic and technical elements of the choreographic vocabulary. The adagio can be part of any choreographic work, except a solo dance, and enables the partners to relate to one another, expressing various emotions. It has been most fully developed in the pas de deux and has become an integral part of pairs figure skating and ice dancing.

Adagio class is compulsory in dance schools.


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Referring to the Adagio product as "urban residences for medium- to long-stay", Balouka-Vallette says there is great opportunity to grow the brand in the region; already, 6-7% of the European guest base is from the Middle East.
But while there's some brand awareness, she is conscious of the need to formalise the serviced-apartment market in the region, which currently consists predominately of non-branded or locally-run residences, priced in the same way as hotel rooms - which Balouka-Vallette says is not the case at Adagio.
Instead, Adagio operates a degressive rate policy, so the longer the guest stays, the cheaper it is.
If we look at our average mix for length of stay, the one-to-three nights is very little, it's only 20% of our segmentation in regards to 80% between 4-90 nights and more," which means the brand doesn't compete with Accor's other traditional hotel products - indeed, it will be likely in this region that brands are paired together, such as the Adagio and Novotel complex in Abu Dhabi.
Currently, I believe there are approximately 1200 people working behind me worldwide to ensure the Adagio concept is promoted and working with me towards our shared goals," says Balouka-Vallette.
The first Adagio Aparthotel Hotel in the Middle East will open its doors in October 2013.
Further announced Adagio properties include the Adagio Fujairah Town Centre (with 72 apartments) opening in 2014 and Adagio Jeddah Malik Road (with 77 apartments), opening in 2015.
There are advanced discussions under way for new Adagio properties in key locations such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Doha, Makkah, Dammam, Al Khobar.
Located in San Francisco's vibrant Union Square cultural district, Hotel Adagio San Francisco combines Spanish Colonial Revival architecture with a clean and contemporary design aesthetic, sophisticated nightlife and impeccable guest service.