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A subset of APT.

[Sammet 1969, p. 606].
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To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.
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Symbols marked with an asterisk indicate significant survival differences between heat adapted ([??]) and non-adapted ([]) cells.
Then, a comparative assessment in terms of prediction accuracy and similarity between the adapted and original context-specific models is carried out, and the effectiveness of the context adaptation framework is discussed.
And although they could have adapted over time, they most likely would have died out first.
With this prospective an attempt has been made to investigate the cross-adaptation mechanism for salinity tolerance in adapted and unadapted cell lines of Oryza sativa .cv.
Other grants may also help eligible veterans purchase adapted homes or pay down the mortgage of homes that have already been adapted.
The process for applying for specially adapted housing grants can be long and cumbersome, largely because the VA has to review plans, request bids from contractors and evaluate the potential for the home to be adapted.
Colonel McMaster recognized that even though the original sweeps drove insurgents underground, it was not a true success and he adapted his plan to become successful.
A statistical analysis of variance demonstrated that no significant difference in lag time or growth rate occurred in the adapted cells that were cultured in media containing the different concentrations of antimicrobials.
By KARACHI, November 07, 2010 (Frontier Star): The unwanted baby has found a caring lap after a couple had adapted her.
CHILDREN with disabilities will be able to enjoy toys adapted specially for their use thanks to Huddersfield Rotarians.
NCAM added accessibility features such as captions and audio descriptions to existing resources, tagged the resources to indicate which accessibility features they have, created an advanced search function that allows users to search for resources with particular accessibility features, and developed an accessibility portal that orients users to the adapted site.
"This award raises the profile of climate change, the study, the region and the engineering profession and will greatly assist the integration of climate change risks - underpinning our aim of developing the North East as a well adapted and resilient region."