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A subset of APT.

[Sammet 1969, p. 606].


To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.
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Multiple insights were developed for an environment of change that included a need to accept, value, and adapt to new group members, that communication was a key element when adapting, that leadership was needed when working through change, and that change impacted on one's time.
In comparison, internationalization of guidance deals with the process of "globalocalization," which means importing general knowledge about work, workers, and careers and then adapting it to the local language, customs, and caring practices of each country (Savickas, 2003).
While adapting to market changes, a company must maintain its focus to succeed long term.
Nope, he quibbled with the idea of adapting the novel as a stage musical.
Adapting novels to the big screen is not a new thing.
Out of Sight'' was Frank's second crack at adapting Elmore Leonard; he had written the screenplay for ``Get Shorty'' three years earlier.
Using basic programming skills and his familiarity with the database, Bremer spent 4 days developing cost rates and 30 hr modifying and adapting his out-of-date database into a modern costing and quotation system.
So all in all, although adapting to PPS will be a complicated process, I think everyone needs to recognize that PPS is not all bad news.

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