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A subset of APT.

[Sammet 1969, p. 606].


To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.
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What eUniverse is focused on today is adapting its strategy in two ways.
But the elder Joyce himself considered adapting Ulysses, among other works, for other media.
Dickey has little input in the adapting process but says he does get to contribute his thoughts on the script.
Frank says the key to adapting Leonard for the screen is to give the script structure while maintaining the book's unpredictability.
One session of the two-day forum will bring together retail analysts and CEOs of national retail chains on a panel to discuss their experiences adapting to inner city markets.
The following are guidelines to consider when looking at adapting an activity to the needs of campers having disabilities:
Equipment isn't the only issue in adapting ladle reheating to a melt shop.
com/reports/c37436) has announced the addition of Adapting ITIL to Small- and Mid-Sized Enterprises to their offering.
Imperva(TM), the leader in data security for the data center, today announced the first web application firewall that eliminates the need for organizations to reconfigure their networks by adapting to existing infrastructures.
Rather than have the packaging line adapt to fit the bagger, we are getting better results by adapting the bagger to the unique requirements of an individual packaging line," Groff added.
InfoGin is providing mobile subscribers with unlimited content by adapting any content (Web and mobile) to any mobile device, through our unique solution, that varies from a fully automatic intelligent conversion engine to professional content editing tools enabling full control over the delivered information.

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