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A subset of APT.

[Sammet 1969, p. 606].


To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.
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Within an organisation, Adaptive Intelligence is like the starter-motor for adaptive capability.
The Vizional Adaptive Planning and Execution suite will allow companies to extend the value of their legacy systems.
Be they picturesque mills, appealing Victorian mansions, rundown tenements or abandoned factories and warehouses, any building not living up to its original use is a candidate for creative adaptive re-use.
Among the obstacles, an adaptive optics system requires a bright reference source close to the heavenly object that an astronomer wishes to study.
These are the values that were learned and applied by the adaptive reset control system during die trials.
There has been unparalled growth in adaptive technology for individuals with disabilities since 1985.
This summary information could assist instructors and administrators in estimating both the feasibility and cost of an adaptive driver training program that was suited to the precise abilities and needs of their students.
The PLX Adaptive Switch Fabric Architecture, therefore, was designed to eliminate the limitations of PCI ensuring that communications systems are continually operable.
As part of their adaptive optics system, Williams and his group also have adopted a new way of measuring the eye's imperfections that could help to improve the performance of contact lenses and allow more accurate assessment of corrective eye surgery.
According to the Vocational Rehabilitation Operations Manual developed by the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, adaptive equipment is defined as, "Those pieces of equipment or tools which enable a visually impaired person to obtain equal access to and reasonable accommodation on the job" (sec.
This has created many challenges to the adaptive equipment industry, including proper driver positioning, wheelchair occupant protection, entry/exist systems, and control systems.