adaptive streaming

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adaptive streaming

A multimedia transmission technology that adapts to the changing bandwidth of the network and available CPU cycles in the receiving device. It employs video content that is encoded at high, medium and low bit rates with each stream broken into small segments. In order to maintain continuous viewing without momentary periods of no video, as conditions change, adaptive streaming switches to segments with a higher or lower encoding level.

Adaptive streaming generally starts out at the highest bit rate and its primary function is to ensure there is a sufficient number of video frames in the receiving device at all times. If the video buffer is near empty for too long, it switches to a lower bit rate, and if it fills up again quickly, it can return to a higher rate. See buffering.

Over HTTP (Via Port Number 80)
Adaptive streaming uses HTTP as the application protocol, primarily because HTTP requests, which use the #80 port identification, are accepted by all Web servers. See streaming, streaming server and streaming protocols.

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The EnGo 260 also features enhanced picture quality with auto-transport, adaptive bitrate encoding, and HEVC.
The patents are related to Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, which is the primary way in which video is delivered over the Internet.
Adaptive bitrate streaming is essential for the implementation of high-quality media streaming over the Internet.
Also demonstrated is Orion-OTT, a software-based over-the-top (OTT) solution for monitoring of adaptive bitrate (ABR) content.
The addition of SmartMEDIA adds network-based, pause-live, catch-up and restart TV, as well as PVR functionality and the delivery of content using adaptive bitrate technology, HLS and MPEG-DASH.
"Socionext, as our valued partner, is able to solve the power, density, and performance technical design requirements we are looking for in order for us to develop a cost-competitive, highly-efficient transcoding solution with adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming capabilities for live cloud media service providers."
latter comprises of adaptive bitrate streaming, Full HD, photo
To accommodate shifting video consumption patterns, PayTV operators are building out HTTP-based networks that use Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) technology to stream video programing and commercials to Internet connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, PC and connected TVs.
As household penetration of Ultra HD 4K TVs grows, OTT service providers will increasingly include 4K content in their streaming offerings creating the need for high quality UHD encoders with support for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) protocol.
The service is delivered over an IP-based content delivery system that leverages adaptive bitrate streaming technology.

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