adaptive cruise control

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adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) maintains the distance to the vehicle in front of it. That distance, which is set by the driver as a number of car lengths, is measured by sending radar signals from the front of the vehicle. When the cruise control is turned on and the speed is set, the system automatically brakes and accelerates. Also called "active cruise control," "dynamic cruise control," "smart cruise control" and "intelligent cruise control."

Like regular cruise control, some ACC systems disengage at slower speeds. However, "stop and go ACC," also called "traffic jam assist," will come to a complete stop, which enables drivers to use the system in bumper-to-bumper traffic. See automotive safety systems.

Set the Distance
The steering wheel control on this 2017 Honda allows drivers to choose short, middle, long and extra long to set the distance threshold to the car ahead based on their driving preferences.
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Technavio's report, Global Motorcycle Adaptive Cruise Control Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
The Adaptive Cruise Control enables safe, comfortable driving by automatically maintaining a set gap to the vehicle in front, at the same time as the steering is also controlled.
Adaptive cruise control senses the distance to vehicles ahead and will adjust speed to keep the distance safe.
Adaptive cruise control, which maintains a pre-set safe distance from the vehicle in front, can now bring the S60 to a halt in traffic and move away again automatically - although it will cut out if the car is stationary for more than four seconds.
is offering Mack Road Stability Advantage (RSA) by Bendix with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) that integrates the throttle, engine brake and foundation brakes into the cruise control function.
It will tell engineers whether they can really rely on the braking assistance, lane-departure warning or adaptive cruise control.
Looking for an ultra-high power laser that's small yet can withstand shock, vibration, and exposure to the environment-a laser that, for example, could be used for an adaptive cruise control system?
These include adaptive cruise control with Audi braking guard that warns the driver in several stages of an impending collision, lane-assist and side-assist.
This book contains 62 papers covering the past 11 years (1996-2006) of research on the design of adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems and components.
There's also two safety systems, the Adaptive Cruise Control, a radar controlled cruise control which maintains a set distance to the car in front, while Collision Mitigation Braking System predicts collisions and warns the driver, before applying strong braking.
They are ADAS, LKAS and ACC, which stand for an advanced driver assist system, lane-keeping assist system and adaptive cruise control.

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