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- Video feature: 3D digital filter, 3D image move, 3D motion adaptive filter
He is currently engaged in research of multidimensional system control, super-resolution radar imaging, adaptive filter, compressive sensing, sparse dictionary designing, channel estimation, and advanced wireless techniques.
10(b) respectively where the robustness of developed adaptive filter could be easily seen.
In adaptive filter design, the step size (mue) used to set the weights of adaptive filters is kept small, as too large step size gives a fast response to weight changes but results in a large excess mean square error (MSE)[l].Mostly, it is taken in fractions.
According to the described signal model, we can construct the corresponding adaptive filter.
[omega](n) = [[[w.sub.0](n), [w.sub.1](n), ..., [w.sub.M-1](n)].sup.T] is the weight vector of M order adaptive filter at time n.[omega](n) = 0 at initial time.
Peaks were identified from the raw signal and from the signal filtered with the adaptive filter discussed above (see (2) and (3)).
As the signal into the filter continues, the adaptive filter coefficients adjust themselves to achieve the desired result, such as identifying an unknown filter or cancelling noise in the input signal.
Keywords: Least Mean Square (LMS), Variants of LMS, Mean Square Error (MSE), Adaptive Filter, Structure Identification
The adaptive filter can be realized to adjust important coefficients through fuzzy logic algorithm or neural network algorithm [10, 11].
[e.sub.r](k) is used to adapt the weights of adaptive filter, where [e.sub.r](k) = [y.sub.i](k) - u(k - L).
This rule is based on the fact that an adaptive filter does not need to be updated when the error signal is small.

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