adaptive re-use

adaptive use, adaptive re-use

The extensive alteration, restoration, and/or renovation of an existing building so that it will serve a new or modified purpose. Also see building rehabilitation.
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While the Post Office still occupies this building, we view this as an irreplaceable adaptive re-use development site.
Prior to joining Wonder Works Construction, he spearheaded the Brody Group, a boutique development company specializing in multi-family and adaptive re-use projects, primarily on the Lower East Side.
The City of Petersburg seeks the development and adaptive re-use of a property located at 1000 Diamond Street, formerly known as the Virginia Avenue Elementary School for use as a Community Wellness and Recreation Center.
The pace of both conversion and adaptive re-use projects has been the key driver of the brand's growth, accounting for nearly all the openings this year in North America, and approximately half of those opening in other global markets," said Simon Turner, president of global development of parent firm Starwood Hotels & Resorts.
Another feature of such markets has been adaptive re-use (the conversion of office buildings to other uses) as well as the 'mothballing' of partially completed projects.
The report has been accepted by JTC, who are currently moving ahead with the tender of a key parcel designated for housing, retail, and the adaptive re-use of heritage buildings.
The property is the adaptive re-use of the former General Petroleum Building, a 499,000-square-foot office building that served as the West Coast headquarters of the Mobil Oil Corporation from the time of its completion in 1949 until the late 1980s.
Carol Liston, editor of the Journal, and past President, was part of a team which won an award for the Adaptive Re-use (Corporate/Government) of the Female Orphan School at Parramatta.
We'd heard good things about a place called Adaptive Re-Use, an antique store with design elements from old office buildings (doors, sign lettering).
Ann Heaston Architects in Little Rock is handling the design work for Lovett's adaptive re-use project.
Her expertise in historic renovation and adaptive re-use will support the firm's work on projects such as the recently commissioned renovation of 45 West 45th Street for Emmes Asset Management.
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