adaptive streaming

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adaptive streaming

A multimedia transmission technology that adapts to the changing bandwidth of the network and available CPU cycles in the receiving device. It employs video content that is encoded at high, medium and low bit rates with each stream broken into small segments. In order to maintain continuous viewing without momentary periods of no video, as conditions change, adaptive streaming switches to segments with a higher or lower encoding level.

Adaptive streaming generally starts out at the highest bit rate and its primary function is to ensure there is a sufficient number of video frames in the receiving device at all times. If the video buffer is near empty for too long, it switches to a lower bit rate, and if it fills up again quickly, it can return to a higher rate. See buffering.

Over HTTP (Via Port Number 80)
Adaptive streaming uses HTTP as the application protocol, primarily because HTTP requests, which use the #80 port identification, are accepted by all Web servers. See streaming, streaming server and streaming protocols.

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The company will demonstrate how managed adaptive streaming outperforms standard adaptive streaming with regard to bandwidth utilisation and video quality for various IP consumer electronic devices.
These probes for adaptive streaming video offer QoS and QoE monitoring at the network headend through to post-caching server for Multiscreen and OTT services.
Today, consumers in the UK are able to experience our advanced adaptive streaming solution first hand, which is a true testament to our success in rapidly taking DivX Plus Streaming from market adoption to consumer availability, said Bob Shallow, SVP, Product Sales & Marketing at Rovi.
Finally, I'll discuss the tests, of which there were three: The first was a 52-minute file encoded to 11 separate outputs in an adaptive streaming group, output to MP4 files for real-time messaging protocol-based (RTMP) Flash Dynamic Streaming.
The advanced adaptive streaming format has gained the support of integrated circuit (IC) vendors including Broadcom, MediaTek, MStar, and Qualcomm, and has been selected to power video delivery for a range of online entertainment services.
The first was a 52-minute file encoded to 11 separate presets in an adaptive streaming group, output to MP4 files for RTMP-based Flash Dynamic Streaming.
introduced HTTP-based adaptive streaming, adjusting the quality of a video stream according to the user's bandwidth and CPU capacity.
iVMS ASM is the industry's only end-to-end video management system for adaptive streaming video networks
Eutelsat Germany is installing a new headend solution that will be able to efficiently transform 50 HD and 100 SD channels into IP and manage applications that include on-demand services, HbbTV applications and live adaptive streaming to OTT set-top boxes, smartphones and tablets.
The license for each additional adaptive streaming package format is $2,500, with an additional license of $2,500 for encryption for each adaptive format.
Once there, the live streams are transcoded to multiple bitrates for adaptive streaming, served via a cluster of ZiXi- enabled content servers direct to users' display devices.
Delivering superior audio quality, seamless switching capabilities, and flexibility for adaptive streaming environments.

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