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Add operation of your new routes and a modest price increase to complete the upside capture
The transaction includes some 143,000 horsepower of hydraulic fracturing equipment and would add operation facilities and employees to Patterson-UTI's business in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville shale plays.
Beyond digital signature, EverSuite also supports electronic signature, with the ability to add a signature image by a simple click and add operation, wherever needed on the document.
MAC unit consists of a multiplier followed by an adder, where in some applications multiply and add operations are merged for high performance which is named as fused multiply-add units.
After opening New York City offices less than a year ago, the company said will add operations at new offices located in Pistcataway.
Turkish Airlines will add operations to four new destinations this month, in addition to Friedrichshafen on May 2, to its growing network.
McNamara confirmed reports that the company plans to hire up to 1,500 design engineers for its notebook division, and add operations capacity.
Joe DeLuca, the Times' vice president and Tampa publisher since 2005, will now add operations to his slate of responsibilities.
With this, Buongiorno HK will add operations in Indonesia to the installations achieved last year Russia, India and Thailand.
Upon completion of the deal, Swiss Re will add operations in Germany as well as the U.
Mettler will add operations to his merchandising responsibilities.