adder's tongue

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adder’s tongue

flower symbolizes jealousy. [Western Folklore: Jobes, 31]
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Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has pointed out that huge swathes of meadow would also be swallowed and we may lose rare flowers like narrow-leaved water dropwort, the gorgeous green-winged orchid and adder's tongue.
The Voynich Manuscript would not be out of place in the Kunstkammer in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum, its fantastical plants associating with the adder's tongue credence, and the narwhal horn and bezoar chalices.
People come to see a grass sward dominated by meadow fox-tail, sweet vernal grass, crested dog's tail, ragged robin, wood cranesbill, marsh marigold, yellow rattle, adder's tongue fern and globeflower.