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The report said in Punjab the prisoners who are addicted to drugs have been allocated barracks that are called recovery centres.
She said parents looking after an addicted child would be doing the rounds of the police stations, hospitals and rehab centres.
A number of addicted females said they want to recover and return to a normal life.
It is more painful for parents to see their addicted young beloveds in unhealthy condition and in an environment of social disrespect.
Among them, 65.6% (n=223) were 'minimally addicted', 18.5% (n=63) were 'moderately addicted', whereas 0.9% (n=3) were found to be 'severely addicted'.
The drug treatment report for the first six months of this year said 3,231 drug users, 3,108 of whom were addicted to methamphetamine and 123 to heroin, received treatment.
Most of the upper class people are addicted of drugs and use drugs as fashion and many people of lower class are also addicted for it.
This refers to Joel Butuyan's column 'Addicted to power' (11/5/18).
Hazrat Said, lawyer for the petitioner, said the culprits had been providing drugs to youths, including students, through different ways and means and once they got addicted, they did illegal things to buy narcotics.
This has created a situation in which it is almost impossible for anyone addicted to drugs to receive adequate treatment.
By FADHILI FREDRICKThe government has been urged to set aside funds specifically for youths addicted to drugs in Msambweni.Speaking over the weekend after meeting some of the addicts and officials from the National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada), Msambweni MP Suleiman Dori said the funds will provide financial support to the recovering addicts.
'The time needed to cure an addict depends on the level of their respective addiction because those addicted to drugs differ from the addiction to video games or liquor,' he told Bernama, here today.