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In this organizational realignment, Scott Stemley will assume Sganga's duties for specialty products as Director of Resistors, Magnetics and Circuit Protection products, adding circuit protection and magnetics to his previous resistor responsibilities.
Competing units are larger and require external capacitors, adding circuit complexity and weight.
By adding circuit packs, the LambdaRouter will support in-service upgrades to higher capacities.
Our physical network management product has always addressed basic cable layout and design, but with CMS we're adding circuit provisioning and total integration with the rest of the product set," said Ron Munden, Accugraph senior vice president.
He begins by setting out general concepts using block diagrams tailored to the needs of different users, adding circuit designs only when needed for comprehension.
Results of this initial shipment of a portion of our stockpiled material will provide valuable additional information regarding advanced recovery methods geared to recovering more marketable elements which can also be separated by adding circuits to the Pilot Plant.
That includes electrical work in a kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, or adding circuits to existing ones in their homes.