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A substance added to another to strengthen or otherwise alter it for the purpose of improving the performance of the finished product.
Pertaining to addition.
That property of a process in which increments of the dependent variable are independent for nonoverlapping intervals of the independent variable.



in metallurgy, a material introduced into a liquid metal to change the composition and properties of the metal or slag. A distinction is made among slag-forming additives (lime, fluorspar, and bauxite and their combinations or substituents), carbonizing additives (ground coke, cast iron, and metal carbides), oxidizing additives (ores, clinker, and metal oxides), and alloying additives (ferroalloys, hardeners, and industrial-grade chemical elements). Additives are introduced into the melting unit, ladle, or casting mold.



in petrochemistry, a substance that is added in small amounts to fuels and industrial oils to improve their working properties. Liquid fuels and oils usually do not contain more than a few hundredths or tenths of a percent additives by weight, and only certain additives are used in concentrations of about 1-2 percent or greater.

Additives in fuels improve the efficiency of combustion processes, storage life, and the ability of a fuel to maintain its original properties during shipment and use. They also reduce the harmful effects of fuels on machinery and improve performance at low temperatures. The most common additives are antiknocks, for example, tetraethyllead, which reduce detonation of engine fuels. Other widely used additives act as antioxidants (para-oxydiphenylamine and naphthol), chemical inhibitors, modifiers, metal deactivators, stabilizers, and antifouling agents.

Additives for petroleum oils and synthetic oils are classified on the basis of their use. High-viscosity additives increase the viscosity and improve the viscothermal properties of oils, while pour-point depressants lower the pour point of oils. Antioxidants protect an oil from oxidation by atmospheric oxygen; anticorrosives reduce the decay of a metal in aggressive mediums; and antiwear and antiscuff agents improve the lubricating properties of oils. Antifoaming agents reduce foam, detergents prevent deposition of solids on mechanical parts, and multipurpose additives simultaneously improve several working properties of oils. Also used as additives for oils are various hydrocarbons and compounds that consist of organic molecules and certain elements, including low-molecular surfactants and polymers.


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A material, used in very small quantity, to modify a specific property of another material or otherwise improve its characteristics; used in paints, plasters, mortars, etc.


A function f : X -> Y is additive if

for all Z <= X f (lub Z) = lub { f z : z in Z }

(f "preserves lubs"). All additive functions defined over cpos are continuous.

("<=" is written in LaTeX as \subseteq, "lub" as \sqcup ).
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Very few of the PSTs solved the scenarios additively and those that did were quick to adjust their thinking once their peers' explanations were shared.
March 15, 2017) -- Members from the Meso-scale Robotic Locomotion Initiative demonstrate the capabilities of an additively manufactured quadruped robot at the Pentagon during a 3D Print-a-Thon.
It should be noted that the multidimensional indices used in this paper can be additively decomposed by population groups.
44) Growth in the area of additively manufactured textiles lends itself to smart fabrics for biomonitoring in the military as well as alternatives to meal replacements through printing tailorable nutrition.
America Makes partnered with the Veterans Administration for a Prosthetics and Assistive Technologies Challenge, which enabled a wide range of additively manufactured devices to be developed to help injured veterans conquer daily challenges.
The additively separable functional form permits an intuitive treatment of the income-constrained tradeoffs the family makes between consumption and health.
Reportedly, this is China's first CFDA marketing approval for an additively manufactured orthopaedic implant.
game pieces to prosthetic devices) that were printed--I mean additively produced-on equipment some of which looked like it was more related to the Erector Sets of yore than something styled by consumer electronics companies.
901-920) has noted its many desirable properties and has shown that this is the only (population-weighted) inequality measure that is additively decomposable, differentiable, symmetric, homogeneous of degree zero in income, and satisfies the Pigou-Dalton criterion.
The team has posted process photos, part designs, and links to open source model files for downloading and additively manufacturing a biological or bio-inspired unmanned aerial vehicle.
Having a lower income and the presence of more food deserts have additively been linked to obesity, a factor that would also be relevant to Hispanics.
Unlike many who studied children's behavior out of context, Henry understood that children's surroundings exerted influences both additively and interactively on their emerging behavior.