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LeBlanc and Wang also point out that our "experiments were not designed to assess concentration additivity, so no judgment can be made either in favor of or against the possibility that the toxicity of the mixture represented concentration additivity.
The usual modulus behavior of other PET/impact modifier blends [17, 18] follows the direct rule of mixtures, but in previous PET/GMA-LLDPE blends [16] it was on average 10% below additivity.
EPA suggests that information on potential interactions among mixture components be incorporated into the assessment when it is available, but in the absence of such data, additivity of dose or response is assumed to be the default condition (U.
We subjected these data to analyses for response additivity under the assumption that the observed effects were real but were not statistically significant due to the low power of the experimental design.
As a consequence of the additivity, we find that the response of the sandwich films is fairly independent on the EVOH layer thickness, in the range of thicknesses comprised between 160 nm and 470 nm, corresponding to sandwiches comprised between 10% and 30% of EVOH respectively, and depends solely on the overall EVOH volume fraction.
Nevertheless, the property of exact additivity is sacrificed under this approach.
The Loewe additivity model, based on the idea that an agent cannot interact with itself, is expressed by the following equation:
The additivity of the LOD contents for the individual ingredients indicated that if the LOD content of individual feed ingredients were overestimated, the LOD content of a mixed diet containing the feed ingredients would also be overestimated.
It is highly complex, not well understood, and speculative to extrapolate data on inhibition of enzymes such as SULT1E1 in in vitro assay systems to endocrine-system modulation of selective gene expression, receptor binding, and activation and the production of adverse effects that would characterize endocrine disruption in vivo by additivity of different chemicals competing on the same receptors.
The systematic constraints, which are common to every model built using CLF, consist of a version of Finite Additivity and the Ratio Formula given above.
Alignment additivity in the twoquasiparticle superdeformed bands of [sup.
Applying the additivity lemma successively with l, [m.