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address bar

The input field in a Web browser that is used to locate a website or start a search. After typing a URL into the address bar and pressing Enter, the home page of the site is retrieved. If the URL of a specific page or document is entered, that item is delivered instead of the home page. Also called an "address field" or "URL bar."

Alt-D or Command-L for Desktop Browsers
Go to the address bar quickly by pressing Alt-D or Control-L in Windows or Command-L in the Mac.

Address Bars and Search Boxes Merged
Early browsers had separate fields for the address bar and queries. Today, all browsers have only one input field and automatically detect a URL from a search. At most, the user has to click a results list one more time. See search box, address and URL.

An Early Browser
In this early Firefox example, the address bar and search box were separate. See favicon.

All Merged Today
In modern browsers, such as this Chrome example, the address and search bars are one input field. If a URL is entered, the site is retrieved. If a company name is typed in, the company is the first result in the list and requires another click or tap to retrieve its website.
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Popular browsers display the authenticated company name in the address bar, often in the color green.
Book your stay and tickets only on trusted websites of trusted providers, ideally typing the address of their website manually in the address bar.
However, a phishing site can display its own fake URL bar when the user scrolls down and trick Chrome into not displaying the original address bar when a user scrolls up.
The bug, as discovered by James Fisher, leverages how the Chrome mobile app disappears the address bar when you scroll down.
Save the address of your e-wallet in a tab and access it from there -- in order to avoid making a mistake in the address bar and accidentally going to the phishing site instead.
He later proceeded to the Lady Reading Hospital.During his trip to KP, the CJP will also visit the KP Judicial Academy and address bar members as the Peshawar High Court.
Only access secure sites that begin with 'https' with a closed lock icon near the address bar.
Look for a small padlock symbol in the address bar and a web address beginning with https:// rather than http:// (the s stands for 'secure').
However, the silver lining is that the Telugu symbol doesn't appear to trigger an error when viewed over an internet browser, unless pasted into a text field like the web address bar. According to Apple, the company is currently working to fix the dangerous bug.
Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 The agency also asked consumers to take note of the lock icon in the address bar to confirm legitimacy of the website and choose "cash on delivery" as mode of payment whenever possible.
Of those people who had fallen victim to online fraud, less than a quarter (23 per cent) said they check for the padlock authentication symbol in the address bar on the payment page, with the same number checking that the web address started with 'https'.
"Reputable websites use technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that encrypt data during transmission," Marc Saltzman explains in the piece "Tips for online shopping." He suggests finding a little padlock icon in the address bar or transact with websites that start with "https" (with an "s" for secure) instead of "http." There are also some browsers that show a green address bar to signal that your credit card details are safe to give out, says Saltzman.